is Stddev same as jitter? for EF traffic

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‎11-03-2008 04:11 AM


Pls see below summarized Voice Probe results. I want to know what is Stddev: 14872 (highlighted below). Can it be considered as jitter - variation in Delay?

>show services rpm probe-results
 Owner: ipcore, Test: LHR01-ISB01:Voice
    Target address:, Probe type: udp-ping-timestamp, Test size: 15 probes
    Probe results:
      Response received, Fri Oct 31 18:57:20 2008, No hardware timestamps
      Rtt: 6474 usec, Ingress time: 1788 usec, Egress time: 4595 usec
    Results over current test:
      Probes sent: 14, Probes received: 14, Loss percentage: 0
      Measurement: Round trip time
        Samples: 14, Minimum: 6428 usec, Maximum: 7891 usec, Average: 6621 usec, Peak to peak: 1463 usec, Stddev: 359 usec,
        Sum: 92698 usec
      Measurement: Ingress delay
        Samples: 14, Minimum: 1763 usec, Maximum: 2004 usec, Average: 1812 usec, Peak to peak: 241 usec, Stddev: 57 usec,
        Sum: 25368 usec
      Measurement: Egress delay
        Samples: 14, Minimum: 4561 usec, Maximum: 6023 usec, Average: 4719 usec, Peak to peak: 1462 usec, Stddev: 363 usec,
        Sum: 66064 usec
    Results over all tests:
      Probes sent: 1348964, Probes received: 1347814, Loss percentage: 0
      Measurement: Round trip time
        Samples: 1347814, Minimum: 6139 usec, Maximum: 211885 usec, Average: 15810 usec, Peak to peak: 205746 usec,
Stddev: 14872 usec, Sum: 21309133636 usec




Re: is Stddev same as jitter? for EF traffic

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‎11-04-2008 05:52 PM

The variation in packet delay is called jitter.


STDDEV returns the sample standard deviation of expr, a set of numbers. You can use it as both an aggregate and analytic function

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