m7i software donwgrade no space

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I have really confused by junos upgrade and downgrade procedures.  I have an m7i that is running 10.4R9.2 and and am trying to get it to 10.4.9R8.5  I get the following error.



WARNING: The root filesystem is low on free disk space.
WARNING: This package requires 12451k free, but there
WARNING: is only -15416k available.

WARNING: This installation attempt will be aborted.
WARNING: If you wish to force the installation despite these warnings
WARNING: you may use the 'force' option on the command line.
ERROR: jinstall fails requirements check
ERROR: jinstall-10.4R8.5-domestic-signed fails post-install
Installation failed for package '/var/tmp/jinstall-10.4R8.5-domestic-signed.tgz'


I do see that I am out of space on the compact flash card so I tried booting from the hard drive and doing the software install.  Not sure where to go from here.  Any suggestions?


show system storage
Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
/dev/ad0s1a 216M 214M -15.1M 108% /
devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev
/dev/md0 34M 34M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jbase
/dev/md1 9.8M 9.8M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jkernel-10.4R9.2
/dev/md2 37M 37M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jpfe-M7i-10.4R9.2
/dev/md3 5.8M 5.8M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jdocs-10.4R9.2
/dev/md4 69M 69M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jroute-10.4R9.2
/dev/md6 21M 21M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jcrypto-10.4R9.2
/dev/md7 39M 39M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jpfe-common-10.4R9.2
/dev/md8 296M 296M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jruntime-10.4R9.2
/dev/md9 1.5G 8.0K 1.4G 0% /tmp
/dev/md10 1.5G 946K 1.4G 0% /mfs
/dev/ad0s1e 24M 24K 22M 0% /config
procfs 4.0K 4.0K 0B 100% /proc
/dev/ad1s1f 35G 519M 32G 2% /var








Re: m7i software donwgrade no space

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‎07-19-2012 02:36 PM

Try issuing this command "request system storage cleanup"  That should clean up your hard drive to give you enough space to upgrade/downgrade.  Be warned however, that it will delete all logs, old software versions, saved file, etc etc.  it pretty much leaves you with the operating systems installed.  Save what you want to keep!


Also, read the release notes.  There may be some underlying OS changes that will not permit a downgrade.