redistribute static route into VRF

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   can someone help me with a JUNOS cfg similar to this Cisco cfg


 I have a L3VPN setup:  PE1 ----- PE2


on PE1 I have the below cfg.  What is a similar cfg for JUNOS, how can I redistribute static routes under VRF to send

it across to the other PE. Thanks


 ip vrf red

rd 3:3

route-target export 3:4

route-target import 4:5


router bgp 1

neigh PE2 remote 1

addr vpnv4

neigh PE2 activate

addr ipv4 vrf red

redistribute static


ip route vrf red null0



Re: redistribute static route into VRF

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Configuring a Simple Full-Mesh VPN Topology chapter of JUNOS Software VPNs Configuration Guide should help you. To redistribute static routes you need to configure VPN export policy (vrf-export).


Follow carefully the example. Of course, one can use LDP instead of RSVP.



Re: redistribute static route into VRF

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how to redistribute DIRECT route into VRF?


Re: redistribute static route into VRF

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 BTW- did you read the doc that jtb pointed you to? It has example, you just need to modify it to suite your environment, so don't add a community, don't use protocol bgp and ospf in the policy, instead use protocol direct, and replace the RI with your own RI.

example shown should help. Instead of using all the protocols such bgp, use from protocol direct

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