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Juniper VMX Subscriber-accounting

‎07-24-2014 09:06 AM

Hi all,

Quick quesiton. I want to try out some new configurations with our subscriber management on our network. We can't use or current equipment as we can't manupulate the dynamic profiles when customers are using it. I've began using Junosphere however it's giving me an error 

root@VMX0# commit check
[edit access profile local]
    warning: requires 'subscriber-accounting' license
[edit access address-assignment]
  'pool dhcp-subs'
    warning: requires 'subscriber-address-assignment' license
error: Check-out pass for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol process (/usr/sbin/jdhcpd) dumped core (0x86)
error: configuration check-out failed


Obvious what the issue is but surely, if this is a test bed, it should have all the licenses no? Is there a way to add this license or get around this?


I'm assuming we can't mention gns3 on this website?


Re: Juniper VMX Subscriber-accounting

‎11-11-2014 05:23 PM

It would be nice to see a developer version of vMX - all features enabled with a very limited throughput perhaps?


For developing backend automation, throughput doesn't matter, but being able to test orchestration software does.

Even a 1Mbit limit across the VM would be enough to spin up half a dozen instances, and still be able to fully test different scenarios.