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Virtual Connections - Side Effect

‎10-21-2015 12:39 AM

Some time ago, I did some work in Junosphere. Afterwards, I just didn't use the virtual connection I had created, as far as I was concerned, there was no activity on that connection. I treated it the same as my inactive VPN and DNS servers.


Therein lies the problem. I use Britain's largest ISP - BT (the original PTT). They run systems in their exchanges that throttle back the throughput of users at times of stress. This isn't supposed to effect me as I pay for a premium service, which is "High Speed" and completely unlimited.


However I started noticing that my measurable linespeed was half what it should be, and after some statistical analysis, and observing when BT "Open Reach" service vans were in the area (and talking to the engineers), I realised that my download speeds were being controlled by equipment in the exchange (it appears to be temporarily disabled when new subscribers are connected to the fibre cabinet).


After a long conversation with various levels of support people, and an engineer, the problem was resolved, but carefullly not explained to me.


It appears that the virtual connections we use tto connect to the Junosphere environment trigger the speed restriction mechanism in BT's local exchanges. When I disabed the VMs, my download speeds immediately improved, and appear to have continued to operate at their rated speeds.


So remember to disable the virtual connections, when not using them, if a BT customer. I wonder how many other ISPs use a similar mechanism