LIfe at Juniper: An Inside Look
LIfe at Juniper: An Inside Look
Where Will You Do Your Best Work?

Full disclosure right up front. I'm a former marketing gal and now an HR gal. I'm clearly going to be biased in my opinions about Juniper and will most definitely espouse the virtues of the company and how great it is to work here. But truth be told, it's honestly how I feel about Juniper. This really IS where I can do my best work.

I've been with the company for a little over 2 years. It was my first corporate gig after an exciting life at various advertising agencies. (As Don Draper would tell you, ad agency years count like dog years.) I was immediately validated for making the right choice, impressed by the brand work being championed, the strength and diversity of the executive team and the vibrant culture of innovators constantly striving to solve problems. After a year at Sunnyvale HQ I took advantage of Juniper's flexible work environment options and attained virtual worker status so I could return to my home state of Missouri and be near family.

Being selected to champion a body of work we call "Life at Juniper" I was exposed to many colleagues around the globe. We interviewed them for videos and an interactive experience that would help tell the Juniper story. A passion was sparked and I recognized a desire to work more closely with the HR organization. Emboldened by the Juniper Way (our guiding principles and corporate values) I trusted my supervisor enough to have an authentic conversation about my career aspirations. Through the strong, interdependent relationships I had forged, that bold aspiration became a reality and I transferred into the HR organization. You surely are starting to see why I think this place is amazing — and unique.

I hope that you will enjoy hearing about Life at Juniper firsthand and encourage you to reach out with questions or topics of interest. There is a lot going on inside Juniper and I'm excited to be a small port hole into that world. And I hope that perhaps this blog may inspire some of you to come and do your best work alongside me.

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