Interface monitor tab missing

10.20.10   |  
‎10-20-2010 08:01 AM

When attempting to configure Track-IP via the Monitoring tab at the interface edit level, the monitoring tab is missing on all interfaces except for ethernet0/0.  The option is available and can be configured via both the WebUI and the command line for both interface ethernet0/1 and bgroup0 (containing ethernet0/2-ethernet0/6).


We are currently running the following versions:

NSMXpress -  2010.3

SSG-5 - 6.2r5


This is something I had seen in the past when dealing with NSM 2009.1 while managing a firewall in an NSRP cluster, but not a single firewall like this.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Interface monitor tab missing

10.23.10   |  
‎10-23-2010 08:30 AM

What schema version are you using on NSM?