Logical systems, snmp and ntp

‎12-31-2012 02:36 AM



I would like to use fxp0 as out-of-band management network and isolate it to separate logical system.

I cannot get snmp and ntp working via fxp0 using this configuration.


I would greatly appreciate help; if someone could verify this kind of configuration is not supposed to work at all or tell me how to do it Smiley Happy


Quote from SNMP FAQ

Can I access a default routing instance from a client in another logical router or routing instance?

No, the SNMP agent can only access data of the logical router to which it is connected.

What comes to ntp, I cannot find any logical system parameters under edit system ntp.
So I guess nobody uses fxp0 for OOB snmp and/or ntp access?

Re: Logical systems, snmp and ntp

‎12-31-2012 05:23 PM

Replying to myself. The platform being used is MX5, junos 11.4


In case my question does not make sense, please let me know how do you use fxp0 and/or OOB network? Or do you use in-band access for snmp and ntp?


Thank you very much in advance