M10i Router trying to factory reset

‎07-29-2019 10:19 AM

Hi All


Looking for ideas on an issue I am having with an M10i. We are trying to repurpose it from another area in the company and don't have the login info for it. So I console into it from our Avocent UMG (because PUTTY from my laptop won't connect, and all the connection settings are correct).  I restart the M10 and the console window stays connected and soon as it gets past the initial boot screen the console window keeps closing and won't let me reconnect until its past the Boostrap section where you need to press the space bar, etc. Once past the part I can reconnect and watch the rest of the bootup. Soooo has anyone seen this behavior before and/or have any advice? I did a M7 a couple weeks back and didn't this issue.


Thanks for reading and look forward you your replies.



Re: M10i Router trying to factory reset

‎08-06-2019 01:06 PM