NS-IDP-250 from 4.1.112010 to 5.1R3.

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‎05-16-2012 10:46 PM

Hi experts,

I have been asked to update the software version on a Juniper NS-IDP-250 to the latest version available (5.1R3).

Actually there is the version 4.1.112010 running on that device. On , the manual says that in order to install the 5.1R3, the device requires me to install the 5.0R2 first. The manual about how to install the 5.0R2, also says that the 4.1R4 has to be installed first... and so on.

At the end, I've understood that there is this path to follow like this:

4.1.112010 --> 4.1R3 (or 4.1R2A) --> 4.1R4 --> 5.0R2 --> 5.1R3.

On the website I cannot find any version older than 4.1r4. This absence, does not allow me to perform the first upgrade.

Am I correct? Any idea about how to solve this problem?


Dario Vanin


Re: NS-IDP-250 from 4.1.112010 to 5.1R3.

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‎05-18-2012 02:40 PM

This might be much easier, looks like you are already on 4.1r2a and there is a direct upgrade path with some caveats in the 5.1r3 release notes.