NSM2007.1r2 (Solaris10) blocked IP and loast credentials

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I have an NSM 2007.1r2. I have lost the credentials to log into this system. Whilst trying to login it blocked my IP address. What could I do to reset both? The application does not exist in this environment/on the Solaris 10 base platform.
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Re: NSM2007.1r2 (Solaris10) blocked IP and loast credentials

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Hi Joerg,


to generate a password reset for a user.


To do this


[nsm@bean utils]$ pwd
[nsm@bean utils]$ ./.hashPasswd  netscreen
[nsm@bean utils]$ 


next from the same folder run and select N for read only. (this will stop the guiSvrdatabase)


From the menu select option 4

and enter 0.blockedIPList


this should give you a list of ips that are blocked.


Delete your ip that you wish to re-enable and write and quit (esc esc :wq)


From the menu, now select option 6

enter 1.admin.<admin name you need to reset>

locate Smiley Tongueassword("ajkhsdkhalkjgalksjg=")

and replace the password hash with the freshly generated on.


Write and quit then exit (option 12 from the menu)


You should now have access again with a reset password for the user you reset the password for.


Kind regards



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Re: NSM2007.1r2 (Solaris10) blocked IP and loast credentials

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A wonder Smiley Very Happy. This works.