Network Director keeps creating its own Vlan/Port profiles and moving assignments into the new profiles automatically.

‎01-10-2020 09:48 AM



Need a little bit of help. I`m new to director, however not sure why this keeps doing it to me.  I have created 12 or so VLAN profiles and assigned them to 3 switches.  Then after a while, director creates its own version of the profiles and re assigns the switches to those instead.  Its driving me bonkers.


Please see attached images form the Wired VLAN profiles.


I have also included the ports profile list.  One of my switches ports were assigned to the All_Sites_Parkedport profile.  When I check back after some time,  they have all moved.


Absolutely now configuration has been done in the mean time on the CLI of these switches.  They are labbed switches.