Pictures of STRM series 2

‎03-14-2012 10:22 PM

As most of you know, STRM that's available now is actually STRM series 2 and it looks slightly different from the series 1. But there is no picture uploaded to Juniper's pic page or anywhere else on the internetSmiley Frustrated !!


Could you please share photos (preferably high-resolution) of STRM series 2 if you have ones that  you may have taken for catalogues, panels or other?  I need them for creating our catalogues.


I myself asked  Juniper literally hundreds of times but they say they can only provide pics of the ones that are no longer available. It's very silly and so dissappointingSmiley Frustrated.I wouldn't sell iphone 4 by showing the pic of iPhone 3G, seriously....Please anyone help.