Problem to connect the Gui Server

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‎07-20-2009 06:13 AM

Hi All,


I have a big problem here, today my NSM can´t work.


Im trying to connect the Gui but is not possible.


In the guiDaemon.o file I saw the following logs:

[root@ABR-MNG-SAONEA01 errorLog]# tail -f guiDaemon.0
[07/20/2009 09:52:28.697] [Notice] [6429072-connectionMgr.c:2588] connMgrIncomingGuiTlsPlugHandler: exit
[07/20/2009 09:52:28.697] [Notice] [6429072-guiTlsPlug.c:2401] guiTlsPlugIncomingHandler: finished
[07/20/2009 09:52:28.980] [Notice] [6429072-guiTlsPlug.c:1984] GUITLSPLUG: Received HANDSHAKE state = 4
[07/20/2009 09:52:28.980] [Notice] [6429072-guiTlsPlug.c:858] guiTlsPlugSSLConnect entry plug state = 4
[07/20/2009 09:52:28.980] [Notice] [6429072-guiTlsPlug.c:893] GUITLSPLUG:       SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ
[07/20/2009 09:52:28.980] [Notice] [6429072-guiTlsPlug.c:937] GUITLSPLUG: guiTlsPlugSSLConnect success
[07/20/2009 09:53:58.591] [Error] [6429072-connectionMgr.c:3334] Sombody forgot to stop the reconnect timer
[07/20/2009 09:55:28.591] [Error] [6429072-guiTlsPlug.c:1568] GUITLSPLUG: timeout handshake4 state
[07/20/2009 09:55:28.591] [Notice] [6429072-guiTlsPlug.c:1452] GUITLSPLUG: Destroying guiTlsPlug, cause=10
[07/20/2009 09:55:28.591] [Notice] [6429072-guiTlsPlug.c:1496] guiTlsPlugDestruct: destruct channel


Can you help me ?


thank you.

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Re: Problem to connect the Gui Server

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‎07-20-2009 07:54 AM

Below is the procedure to address this issue


1. Patch the GUI Server

(a) Copy server.pem and root.pem to /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/var/certDB/TrustedCA. Ensure that the file ownership is nsm.
(b) Restore these 2 files to the secondary GuiSvr also if installed in HA.
(c) Restart the GuiSvr and DevSvr processes after this. Restart HaSvr process in a HA setup to restart these 2 servers.


2. Copy keystore.ks and truststore.ts to “NSM_GUI_INSTALLATION/security directory





Re: Problem to connect the Gui Server

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‎07-20-2009 05:48 PM

Here is the KB article:


There is also a technical bulletin that has been released.  If you are subscribed to the email notifications you will receive them in your email.



Re: Problem to connect the Gui Server

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‎08-13-2009 07:10 AM

This issue is resolved in 2008.2r2a which is available for download at


Kind regards


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