STRM 2010.0 R2 LDAP / Active Directory Authentication

12.20.11   |  
‎12-20-2011 05:28 AM

I have no luck in configuring LDAP / Active Directory authentication on Juniper appliances.

I shall also note that I am new to Authentication to AD and all that.


When configuring my STRM as Active Directory authentication I set up the ldap url as ldap://

LDAP Context: OU=Users,OU=domainusers,DC=domain,DC=net and LDAP domain:

I then create a user that excists in that OU (myself)

I have added the IP and port 389 to the local firewall exception list.

The time server / NTP is set to the actuall AD server.


I guess I am supposed to login with [justusername] and not [domain\username]

However, I can not login with an Active Directory account.

Is there anything else I am doing wrong?  


I have tried both LDAP and Active directory methods


I will attach an older logfile with LDAP authentication attempt failures.