STRM 5000 Adding HA to Console appears to have failed console ui displays blank page

‎03-19-2012 12:42 AM



we are in the process of setting up a STRM 5000 as a console and adding a second unit as a HA system, we followed the setup in the Administration guide, and launch the HA wizard from the System and licence management window via the console web ui, complete the wizard and clicked finished the wizard dialog box began to process and then crashed and we discovered that the console web ui is no longer responding. Wizard seems to completed as far as it has taken the IP address of the original 5000 and assigned it it the cluster, the 5000 has a new IP address applied so I can SSH to either the cluster IP or te new IP address of the strm 5000 and takes to the strm5000.


I need to either try and rollback this config or try and figure out why the console has stopped responding, tomcat, httpd, services are all running. I have logged a JTAC case but deadlines for this project are very short so I pursuing multiple avenues of investigation,  I am very very new to this tech platform so i would be very thankful for any assistance or advice