Unable to import IDP rules on NSM from ISG-2000 devices

06.12.12   |  
‎06-12-2012 02:05 AM

Hi All,


I have upgraded ISG-2000 devices to 6.3 and also upgrade the NSM to 2011.s1. I found that only security policies got imported but not the IDP policies.

1. Is there any way to import IDP policies from ISG devices as manual creation really consumes time as we have more than 500 IDP policies(approx.)

2. Since the OLD NSM has the IDP rules , is there any way, we can import the IDP policies from OLD NSM which is running 2007 to new NSM running 2011.

3.One more problem is : when adding the IDP rulebase i am getting the following error:

  Could not determine detector firmware version, please try to update NSM and update detector and one warning is as wel ther; : In Vsys Profile: RootProfile, max User_Zone 512 is bigger than the max User_Zone supported by the device (34).

4. I updated the attack database plus the detector, still i get the same error , ubable to create IDP rulebase.


Hope somebody can help me out Smiley Happy