Upgrade from an NSMXpress 2 2009.1r1

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‎10-27-2011 01:52 AM



I have some questions regarding this kind of upgrade:


- What is the recommended version, 2010.4 or 2011.1? (Any JTAC recommended version?)

- Is it possible to upgrade our newly acquired NSMXpress 2 directly to 2010.4/2011.1?

- Is there any kb explaining a step by step process to do it?

- Where can I download an upgrade file in order to upgrade offline? I seem to only find software based NSM files... Can I use these? (in "NetScreen-Security_Manager Download Software" page)


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Re: Upgrade from an NSMXpress 2 2009.1r1

‎10-28-2011 09:36 AM

- Current recommended is 2010.3r2. This is a stability / bugfix release. There should be another such release based on 2011.X sometime in the next half year.

- Yes, you can upgrade directly. Make sure to take a backup of your DB first

- Step-by-step instructions are in the installation guide

- The offline server upgrade together with the regional server upgrade should do the trick. There are specific steps to be followed and command line incantations to be used for offline upgrade - see the installation guide


Keep in mind that the Dev/Gui server password needs to match - should the upgrade process ask for it, give the one that's already set (see guisvr.cfg and devsvr.cfg).

Keep in mind NSM client in Vista/7 requires that you install as admin and run as admin.



Re: Upgrade from an NSMXpress 2 2009.1r1

‎04-03-2012 10:04 PM

You could refer to the following KB for recommended versions