re-enabling j-web on ex3200

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How would I go about restarting or re-enabling the J-Web UI on my EX3200's? We are setting up the switches as the default gateway and though I have the knowledge to accomplish that simple task through the CLI, we would like the web UI back that we can no longer access.


I did set it up when I configured the switches, but after a Tornado in the area knocked out the power for a few hours I have since not been able to access nor restart/reconfigure the web services.


I tried "set system services web-management management-url http://switchipaddress" but it did not work and I do not feel this would be the right way to fix the issue.


After I last configured them (when I could access) I set that configuration as the default configuration. If I were to reload defaults from the switch LCD menu would it load that config, or the Factory Defaults to then do EZSetup?


Thanks in advance!


Re: re-enabling j-web on ex3200

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Bump still having this issue


Restoring to factory and reconfigureing is not an option. 

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Re: re-enabling j-web on ex3200

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Could you post the "system" portion of your configuration here?


Also, you could try running the "restart web-management" command, which should restart that process if it is just "upset".