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[Video] Steve Hanna and I discuss laptop safety and airport security...

‎09-12-2008 11:11 AM

Hi Everyone,


I'm very excited, because I had the chance to sit down with Steve Hanna in front of my laptop's webcam yesterday.


We chatted about his new full-encryption hard drive which allows him to not stress so much when traveling, etc. Steve does a lot of traveling and was telling me about the current scams that are going on where people will steal your laptop while you are going through airport security. Watch the video to hear the staggering statistics and learn how you can protect yourself





Then, we took a break from our typical tech-talk, and chatted breifly about how social media (blogs, vlogs, etc.) has changed the industry and the way he works. It was a chance for me to ask him some questions that are of a great interest to me.





I hope that you enjoy them. Please feel free to rate, comment, and also visit my blog about social media.