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Ax411 , does it do MTU filtering?

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‎04-30-2019 03:00 PM
I have ax411 on my srx240b2. The srx does MTU filtering. Does the ax411 do MTU filtering. I haven't started to learn it yet. The ax411 is not embedded. It is the separate unit.

In the srx it is inside the 'Firewall' statement.

Firewall ->
Filter ->
and so on....
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Re: Ax411 , does it do MTU filtering?

‎04-30-2019 04:58 PM

Hi eugene1973,


Most options can be explored here: http://www.hiphop-resistance.com/juniperdayone/junos-security-swconfig-wlan.pdf


Closest I see is a fragmentation threshold but that's not MTU filtering through: 
set wlan access-point test radio 1 radio-options fragmentation-threshold <>


I'm not sure if setting the SRX port for such filter will be supported along with Ax411, and will that help in your case.  You can try that or run it by JTAC to test for you.


Hope this helps.




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Re: Ax411 , does it do MTU filtering?

‎04-30-2019 05:52 PM
As I am not familiar with the ax411 yet, I thought that it can telnet just as the srx series can. It looked like it had its own code base but I don't remember.