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Musings from the Cold Aisle
Connecting the Physical to the Virtual
Oct 11, 2013

The request begins with a reasonable question. How about we take the transaction data in database A (originally built for application A), combine it with some bit of data in database B in order to give the users of the new mobile app a summary of past purchases?


From a business standpoint, the request makes sense and does not violate any security policies. From an application development standpoint, let’s also assume these systems are accessible enough to make development straight forward. At the infrastructure layer, what looks logical and easy to others is often not done quickly or with satisfactory application performance once completed.


If each of the assets we want to connect are virtualized, then network virtualization products such as VMware NSX or Juniper’s Contrail could make the logical connection between these systems fast and easy. However, if database A is not part of the virtualized environment and still runs on it’s own bare metal server, does the agility promised by network virtualization come to a halt? The answer, with the right underlay network is no.


Next week at VMworld Barcelona, I’ll be presenting the capabilities enabled by VMware’s NSX partner program and joint Juniper-VMware development. The results of this partnership will give VMware vCenter admins and network admins alike the visibility, control, and automation needed to deliver application agility and performance.


Follow the link below for details on my Wednesday at 2:00 session:

Bridging and Automating Data Center Infrastructures with Juniper and VMware NSX


We will also be running a demo of a L2 NSX Gateway in booth G120 (right behand the VMware booth)


Also be sure to see our earlier post on the main use cases for NSX Gateways


See you in Barcelona!

And Legos!

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