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Musings from the Cold Aisle
Juniper Commits to the Massachusetts Open Cloud – the Platform for Big Data Innovation
Apr 25, 2014

The more we read about how the cloud is changing the world, the more interesting the use cases and opportunities become.


Today Massachusetts Technology Collaborative announced the Massachusetts Open Cloud – a public open cloud that Datacenter.jpgwill serve as shared infrastructure in the Commonwealth for running Big Data applications.


Think of it like a giant virtual lab for big data researchers and innovators. It is designed to empower exploration and development, foster collaboration between industry, academia and government, and of course accelerate innovation.


How does this relate to Juniper you ask? 


Our customers are cloud builders.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re in the public sector, or academia, they are doing this because it’s the infrastructure you need to learn, develop, collaborate, and bring ideas to life more quickly.


We are helping our customers build these clouds because we understand what it takes to build the high-performance, ultra-scalable, secure network foundation to support these environments. For Massachusetts Open Cloud, we are helping them with the MetaFabric architecture blueprint, along with the routing, switching, security, and software components necessary to make it real.


Today’s announcement is exciting.  It’s a validation of our cloud vision, and we are honored to play a key role that is empowering and encouraging collaboration and innovation between industry and academia to explore, develop and
release Big Data and cloud computing technology.


And this isn’t the first time! Juniper also helped IBM Research Accelerated Discovery Lab build massive scale and high-performance networks to enable Big Data analytics projects and the discovery of new data insights. As we see more use cases emerge, new ideas, and more innovation, you can be certain that Juniper will be a key player in the cloud building.