My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
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It all started with Cisco. It was my engineering days when I first learnt about how things worked in network domain. The technologies fascinated me and I started developing interest in it. It was then suggested by one of my professors to take CCNA course. I researched about the course and joined a renowned training institute during my college days.

As days passed my engineering days came to an end and so did my CCNA course. Meanwhile, I made up my mind to go ahead with CCNP training. After completing CCNP I got myself CCNA certified and here was a turning point for me. A friend from my training institute suggested me to go for Juniper courses. During that time he was preparing for JNCIP-ENT. This gave me a never ending journey, Juniper. Here’s when I started researching on Juniper and their courses. At the same time I had started with my professional career in network operations.


Hash!! Now I had managed to get all the self-study materials for JNCIA-Junos (IJOS and JRE) from Juniper site-

At the start it was a little tough with IJOS but then my friend was always there to get me through it. Thanks to him! I studied myself and practiced on office labs for the same; this gave me a good hands on experience on Juniper basics. And ultimately I got JNCIA-Junos certified.


Thereafter I joined an authorized Juniper training partner Spectrum to get trained in JIR, JEX, AJER and AJEX. Days passed in learning and discovering things in Juniper which grew my love for Juniper more. And here I was now all set to get JNCIS-ENT certified and was even almost prepared for JNCIP-ENT.


Scheduled.. Cleared.. 84%.. and here I was a JNCIS-ENT certified. Smiley Happy


And then I set a JNCIP-ENT exam date for a month later. In this one month I referred all related documents from Juniper site to get myself well prepared. Some of the links which helped me are mentioned below. May be these can be helpful to you too! Smiley Happy

BGP-Route Reflector:

BGP in depth:

IP sourceguard:



Here comes the exam day and..

It flashed 92%...Hooray!! Smiley Happy

The two things about Juniper I like the most are:

1. The course material contains in detail explanation of technologies.

2. Juniper encourages people by giving various opportunities to showcase their skills and get rewarded too,

Eg. JunosCup, JuniperTrivia and etc.


Currently I’m preparing for JNCIS-SP. This is a road which has no dead end; Endless things to learn and many more certifications are lined up.

There is a big gap from JNCIP to JNCIE, I'm suffering from this.

One month from JNCIS to JNCIP?

Is it doable?

@chaochenglin As I mentioned.. I was alreday almost prepared for JNCIP . I just had to brush up.. So that took me a month.

great going @Nupur !!!!

Yes, this is a Journey which will never end Smiley Wink


- Rush!