My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
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Oct 14, 2014

Hello All,

I am a Telecom Engineer working as a Network Administrator & Solution Provider. I developed my interest in data networks during my Bachelors when we had an opportunity to participate in Cisco regional academy. During that time Juniper was unknown to me. I worked as a network administrator in a telecom firm after my graduation where I had an opportunity to attend a Juniper tutorial for branch firewalls and EX Series Switches. I consider that a breakthrough in my career as network administrator. Starting from free Juniper WBT tutorial on Network Fundamentals from I started looking for Juniper tutorial.


Ahh, the lovely self-explanatory command line interface is very supportive. To be honest I understood OSPF at that time more from Juniper command line then theoretical books. I literally understood why are there different LSA types, why is there a need to configure an ABR? Trust me Juniper revealed the truth for me.


Then I read some juniper books especially JUNOS Enterprise & Switching as routing was the fundamental requirement of my job. ( and ,  ) Following my inquisition I read Juniper cookbook to get the inside Junos. 


With my links abroad among fellows I came to know that Juniper is almost everywhere as it is cheap and provides vide variety of industry applicable products. I decided to take Juniper certifications. I started studying for JNCIA- Junos and passed it with 86%. Let me tell u, those Juniper study guides will teach you to the computer networking domain.



After this I started working on SRX devices and practiced configurations for different corporate security solutions. I considered the previous result and thought it would be easy to give a little preparation and appear for JNCIS-SEC. Well I appeared to become specialist and BANG it was not piece of cake. I failed. So no one take the Juniper (credible certifications) for granted you really need to prove yourself. The failure was a bit disappointing but at least it was on 50% voucher (because Juniper Fast Track Program allows you to take 50% Voucher pre-exam test) thus blow was bearable to some extent.

I did not give up my quest as I know Juniper is the future guys and especially for poor South Asian countries who can’t afford expensive Cisco solutions. I started studying those study guides again and this time with a good preparation I managed to pass the test. I am currently studying JNCIP-SEC and I plan to appear for JNCIP-SP and JNCIE. I have taken Juniper STRM & Junos Space classes at a local training center & youtube videos and from a guy sitting in the market I tell you honestly it’s a GO. Our workgroup comprising senior personnel even says Juniper is gonna sweep over contemporary vendors. I have no doubt that it is future because where I live every second company is going on network based apps and corporate VPNs all across the world. I feel safe perusing my career in Juniper and I know It will pay back and it is.


*An advice stay connected with , and for sure help and add success to your professional life.