My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
BLOGGING CHALLENGE Studying for JNCIS-ENT certification
May 9, 2017

The reason why I decided to get the JNCIS-ENT certification was because I was working with Juniper EX Switch and SRX Router. Although I had previous knowledge of Junos, I wanted to expand it because I would have the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice in my current job. On the other hand I wanted to redirect my career into other technologies and the most interesting one was Juniper. Juniper, in my opinion, is having an increasing acceptance in different and several ISP’s. Secondarily, it is obvious that having this kind of certification also helps to improve the CV.


To prepare the exam I used Juniper web documentation, and I attended Juniper courses offered by the ISP I am currently working for. As a reference book I used the Junos Enterprise Routing book, 1st Edition, which helped me to get a better understanding of Juniper Routing technology. For the practical part, I fortunately could make different laboratories and make practices in the laboratory of the ISP I am working for.  I do not know about any Junos simulator, if exists. I used EX4200 and SRX650 equipment for various practical cases proposed in the Juniper documentation, getting a better understanding of the theoretical concepts required. I cannot say it was easy. I spent lots of hours studying. But it was really worth it.


The JNCIS-ENT certification has helped me to deal with different problems in my daily work, as I implement different scenarios for different customers, different policies under the BGP routing protocol in multi-homing environments, or different routes redistribution solutions between protocols such as OSPF and BGP.

By means of both theoretical and practical knowledge I could understand what routes could be installed into the routing table and be certain that the proposed solution for route selection was successful.

In summary, having prior theoretical knowledge and being lucky enough to have access to a laboratory in which I can make practical cases, has helped me to provide solid routing solutions.


My fellows along the way to get the JNCIS-ENT certification


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May 9, 2017
faimy I am really excited to start new journey lets join together and we can gain more knowledge what is there in the lab exact model of routers/switches so that we can practice and make ourself more accurate whoever interested can join the skype group so that we can start the discussion. Click on below link to join the skype group orelse see on forum -- ENT -- SEC -- SP -- DC Cheers