My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
BUILD THE BEST Career with Juniper Networks JNCIA/JNCIS/JNCIP/JNCIE Technical Certifications
Mar 22, 2013

I just finished analyzing responses to our third annual Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) audience survey. This is always an important activity for me as it is my best opportunity to hear what you – the Juniper certified audience – have to say about the value of your Juniper certification.


Over 6000 individuals responded to the survey this year. The results again show that the Juniper Networks training and certification process significantly enhances your job performance and career potential.


At Juniper we are committed to BUILDING THE BEST. We learned from our survey that you are committed to BUILDING THE BEST CAREER by leveraging the Juniper training and certification process.


Juniper Networks Certification Relevant to Your Job Requirements

We asked survey participants if the content learned in preparing for their Juniper Networks certification was applicable to their job. Over 96% said YES - Juniper education and certification was highly applicable to their job. These results are consistent with results from last year’s survey (see full 2012 survey results in My Certification Journey blog post).


As a result of alignment to job role, individuals saw performance improvements in multiple areas, as shown in Fig 1 below.


Fig 1 – Multiple Areas of Performance Improvement



In addition, when asked what benefits were realized from Juniper Networks certification, the top four benefits were:


  • Increased skill set
  • Increased knowledge of Juniper products
  • Better at my job
  • More value to my company

Increased overall skill set and specific knowledge of Juniper products will definitely make you a more valuable asset in the process of implementing and maintaining a company’s critical networking infrastructure. Over 80% of respondents feel the certification process had a positive impact on their ability to work with the full functionality of Juniper solutions for which they are responsible on a daily basis. See Fig 2 below.


 Fig 2 – Significant Positive Impact




Companies that employ Juniper trained and certified network engineers found that this ability to work with the full functionality of Juniper products actually reduced dependence on technical support. Over 50% of managers report up to a 30% reduction in calls into technical support for team members with certification. An additional 20% of managers saw a greater than 30% reduction in calls. They also found that when a call is required, it is more often about a higher level, more difficult issue. See Fig 3 below.


Fig 3 – Less Dependent on Technical Support Services



Finally, individuals who achieved higher level certifications, that is, the JNCIP and JNCIE level, found that this process directly impacted their career development and job opportunities because the training and certification process increased their skills and knowledge of Juniper products (see Fig 4 below).


Fig 4 – Advanced Certifications Positively Impact Careers



Juniper Networks Certification Relevant to Your Career


Participantquotes4.jpgRecognition for the JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP and JNCIE designations in the market place has steadily grown since the JNCP started in 2001. In this most recent JNCP audience survey, 67% of all respondents said they were asked about Juniper Networks certification by prospective employers during their most recent job search. This is up from 56% in last year’s survey.  In addition, 71% of managers said they ask about Juniper Networks certification when hiring.


In summary, the Juniper Networks certification process of authorized training that leads to a JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP or JNCIE is proven to enhance performance in your job, as well as enhance your career and future opportunities. This data shows:


  • Our certified customer, partners and employees report clear and quantifiable value from investing in Juniper Networks education and certification

  • The certification framework aligns with our candidates’ job requirements and career goals

  • Market awareness and perceived value of the Juniper Networks certification are increasing as our certification numbers increase

To find out more about Juniper Networks’ certifications and how you can get started on Building the Best career for yourself, check out the JNCP website.  Also follow us on Twitter @JuniperCertify.