My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
Bringing the Cloud to the Classroom
May 17, 2012

As a premier training and services organization we delight in shaping ordinary network engineers and architects to become extraordinary in their profession.  We accomplish this daily in our classrooms as we bridge our expertise in real world applications with structured, hands-on classroom interaction.  Every day we are teaching engineers how to go out and 'build the cloud'.  It is ironic that to this point, all of our labs required access to physical equipment - at a significant expense. With Junosphere we can actually bring the cloud to the classroom to create a unique and bold learning environment using virtual networking labs that provide learners with full hands-on access to Juniper technology.  


The Junosphere classroom enables Proteus with a cost-effective education solution that we can use to teach students on the principles and operation of Junos. No longer must we limit the capacity in our classroom to match the physical requirements of our labs, but now we have a scalable solution that allows us to expand our reach - ultimately educating more engineers on Juniper's networking technologies. To me, Junosphere, highlights the focus on innovation and thought leadership that we've grown to expect from Juniper Networks.



Andrew Green

Proteus Networks

Director of Education Services