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My Certification Journey
How much can training and certification impact your performance at work?
Mar 25, 2014

As someone who spends his days preaching the value of training and certification, I was excited to see the results from a recent study we conducted with IDC on the impact of training and certification on job performance for those in networking job roles. The study revealed the differences between those with a week of training to those with less than a day. What did the study reveal? A lot!


Here’s a typical statistic:

·         Router and switch installations are correctly implemented the first time 13% more often.


The raw graph below shows the relationship between training amount and performance. The more training Network Engineers have, the better they perform; that seems logical. But it’s unlikely you’ll attend months and months of training to reach the far right (100%) so for the purposes of the study we settled on comparing those with less than a day of training to those with about a week of training.


Implementation graph.png


For the study the Education team looked at how training and certification improved the performance of network engineers and network security engineers (and other roles) across a range of tasks done on a day to day basis. A sample of findings specific to network engineers:

  • Networked resources available/reachable when needed 18% more often
  • "up-time" of critical routers and switches 16% greater
  • Router and switch installations correctly implemented the first time 13% more often
  • Changes to network architecture are fully documented 12% more often
  • Changes to network architecture complete with stakeholder sign-off consistent with organizational policy 15% more often


Seeing statistics like these led me to think about the difference in the day to day lives of those with no training and those with a week or more. I don’t think it’s quite as opposite as that original Star Trek episode where the transporter malfunctioned and sent the Enterprise crew to a parallel universe where everyone was the opposite of their normal selves (who can name that episode?). But the impact on day to day ‘getting things done’ must be huge.


Take the first statistic around resources being available/reachable 18% more often. For someone that’s had a week of training, that’s like getting 18% fewer calls that “something is broken”. Or router and switch implementations done correctly the first time 13% more often. That’s like getting to tell management that a piece of gear is up and running as planned 13% more often.


If a week of training is all it takes to see such huge improvements, who wouldn’t want to attend? You can sign me up!


There is a lot more in the study so be sure read the full whitepaper now. But stay away from transporters. They may beam you to a universe where nobody is allowed to take training.



Marketing Manager, Juniper Education Services


May 6, 2014

Now you can view the white paper at  Very interesting reading!!!