My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
JNCIA Journey of a Young Mind
May 20, 2013


From a student perspective...


When I was still a student in University, I remember that everyone was excited to get a certification. Everyone was aiming for that title after their name and all were aiming to land in a good career.  At first, I thought that I wouldn’t  obtain any certifications in my life. As a  young graduating student, I dreamt of becoming one of the Network Engineers in my country. 

It was in my College days that I became aware of these certification exams, CCNA Certification is one of those many. We were  all aiming for it.  A lot of my classmates took the exam and most of them got the title. I was thinking that I should also take the certification exam since I passed the voucher exam, but I didn’t have the confidence to try. In my mind, I was thinking that my future employer might provide for payment of the certification so I decided not to take the exam at that time due to lack of confidence to take it, and my current financial difficulties as a student. 


The new journey begins...


In my two years of major in College, we were taught Cisco IOS. After graduation, I landed a job that was different from the environment that I was used to. The company that offered me an opportunity is actually a Juniper Networks Partner who does not offer the equipment of the network vendor that I learned in school. In one of the interviews I had, they asked me if I would take a different path on my journey in Networking. I answered yes, I would like to explore the other side of the Networking Industry.

Over time, the management asked me to take the JNCIA exam. It was the moment that I was waiting for.  To be certified.




Junos, my new approach


Then, the preparation began. I looked for resources that I could use for my review. One of these is the JNCIA Study Guide Sybex Book. I guess it may already be obsolete by now, but the content is a good source of knowledge especially if you are new to Junos. Another good resource I had are the materials provided in JNCIA-Junos Fast Track.

I remember when I downloaded the Study guide provided on the website. A lot of topics in the guide appeared in the actual exam question. You need to focus on those two parts, read them and understand them carefully. There is also a free online training for Network Fundamentals as a refresher if you want to tackle the most basic topics in Networking.

As I mentioned earlier, I came from Cisco IOS and I am more familiar with its commands, so it became easy for me to understand Junos commands when I took the Junos as a Second Languagefree web training.

The preparation was not easy. I had to review after office hours. I deprived myself of some activities that would hinder me from studying. During the weekend, I spent a lot of time to reading and practicing basic Junos commands.

The JNCIA Practice Exam became a good source of measuring my knowledge in Junos and also to determine which topics should I focus on.



Exodus, from old to new path...


Finally, after a month of preparation the exam date arrived. I had done my part , now it was the time to take the exam. I sat on the exam chair and started answering the questions. The exam was composed of Sixty Five Multiple choice questions and it took me almost an hour to finish them.

The most thrilling part is when I submitted my exam and waited for the results. I PASSED. I was so overwhelmed. Finally I was certified on Juniper Networks. It was an awesome experience, especially for the young man that dreamed to become certified. My confidence boosted, I became more determined to explore Juniper Networks.

Like in the Bible, the Exodus happened to me. From a sole network vendor mind to a new path which is Juniper Network’s Junos. It was a liberating experience. I found myself hungry for learning and for deeper exploration with Junos.

Today, I have completed some trainings for Juniper Network Partners in the Learning Academy. I reached the Technical Master Level. I also participated in the Juniper Networks Champion Program wherein I reached the Innovative Champion Level. To date, I am preparing for the next level of my Juniper Networks career. I am aiming for two targets: the JNCIS-SP and the Juniper Networks Ingenious Champion Level.

I am encouraging people, especially the young minds of the Network Industry to explore the other side of Networking. Think outside the box and discover the uniqueness of Junos. Go for JNCIA and Go for Junos!

The new network is here it is Juniper Networks.








May 23, 2013
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Congratulations and all the best in your future endeavors.

May 25, 2013

Going through the same phase as yours when you were a student in some university. But Ya recently gave JNCIA certification through fast track program but the hinderance over is the lab practice, I mean to deploy scenarios. 

Congratulations and good luck for your future.



May 31, 2013

Thank you very much. 🙂