My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
JNCIS Experience of a Young Network Guy
Mar 4, 2014

Going to a higher Level


It was April, and my birth month. I was planning to take the JNCIS-SP exam after I passed my JNCIA-Junos last November. I remember that after class, Juniper gave us a complimentary voucher for the JNCIS level because I attended Juniper authorized training at Training Partners Singapore.


I booked my exam date with the Pearson Vue Testing Center on my birthday, which was April 5 2013. I was hoping for a double celebration that day. It was exciting and I crammed in days of studying to take the certification exam. I wanted to give it a shot before the voucher expired, and to try my luck to see what the content of the JNCIS-SP exam was all about.


It was a sunny day around lunchtime when I arrived at the testing center on exam day. I needed to wait as the testing center I chose only had two computers for taking exams. Finally, my name was called. I sat in the chair with a nervous heart, as I was about to take my dream certification level. I was so nervous because I knew my preparation may not have been enough to pass the exam. And  to top it off my stomach was empty because I didn’t expect to have to wait so long for my turn and my energy was low. I highly recommend bringing a snack to your exam! I started reading the questions and answering them slowly as I was having a hard time remembering my notes and training material content.


I almost ran out of time when I finished the exam, there was only three minutes remaining . I submitted my answers and the computer generated a FAIL . It was a nice try but I had already anticipated that I might get a failing score due to my unpreparedness and pressure on the expiration date of the voucher.


I was hoping for a double celebration but I knew I needed to get back on the horse and prepare for the exam again. I decided to plan my next exam slowly and carefully.


A new track, the world of Enterprise…


I considered the Enterprise Track for my next exam attempt. I made the decision to focus on Enterprise since I have more hands on experience with it.


The nice thing is that as a Juniper Partner and being part of the Juniper Networks Champion Program, I was awarded an exam voucher that was valid for any level except for JNCIE .


I researched Enterprise track study materials and found some FREE ones availableon the Fast Track Program which included the following:


  • JNCIS-ENT Routing Study Guide
  • JNCIS-ENT Switching Study Guide:


I started my preparation in May, reading and hands-on in a lab I setup with some equipment in our office to practice example configurations from the study guide.


Each night after office hours, I focused on my preparation for the JNCIS-ENT exam, as I did not want another failure. I studied every detail and I even bought a logbook for my personal notes on each topic. Writing notes helped me to reread important information again and again to refresh my understanding on the topic. It might also help you on your preparation.


Slowly but surely


It took me almost three months to take the JNCIS-ENT exam, which I booked for July 29, 2013. I did not want to rush this time. I wanted everything prepared on my part, so I spent more time reading and understanding each topic that is included on the exam objectives.


There are few things that you need to focus on and understand. First, the protocols function and operation. And second, the proper configuration of them to get accurate results. I also would encourage you to practice on troubleshooting with Junos, as it will help you solve situational problems that might appear on the exam.


July which is time to fly


Time to take the exam, I was more confident. It was time to face the chance to celebrate or experience another failure.  

So the exam began, I answered the questions confidently and submitted it with a greater hope for a good result. After clicking “submit exam”, the magic words appeared “Provisional Pass”!


By the way, there is a security feature on exams with Juniper that enables delayed exam results, and with Pearson Vue they will show you a “Provisional Pass”.


I would like to encourage you to focus on the exam objectives and follow the study guides that are recommended by Juniper noted below:


To find out more about the JNCIS-ENT (JN0-343) Exam objectives check out this link for full details.


Good luck on your attempt with JNCIS-ENT and also do not forget to take advantage of the 50% Discount voucher at the Fast Track Program site.

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