My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
Juniper Education Services is ON THE MOVE - See it here
May 20, 2014

What does it take to move a global education services lab?  LOTS of dedicated people and a few weeks!  The Juniper Education Services lab team, as well as some of the curriculum development staff, are in the process of moving all of our class and certification racks to our new, state-of-the-art headquarters building in Sunnyvale CA.  This place is great!

 Bldg B2.JPG

You can see Jasun Rutter – Curriculum Developer, and Greg Fairchild – “Master” of the Education Services Lab, say all is “A OK” with dismantling the racks and preparing for the movers to take them to the new building.

Greg and Jason 2.jpg






























Greg will find himself in new digs – where the can look out and make sure all HIS racks are running effectively and efficiently.  When looking at this pic I had to wonder about how much sugar he needs for his coffee.  Maybe that is how he stays so cheerful and energetic!  That or the great music he blasts throughout his lab.HOW much sugar in your coffee.jpg
























Racks waiting for cables 2.jpgI am not sure if these racks are waiting to be moved – or waiting to be re-cabled.  Either way – lots of work ahead.   I will stay ON TOP of this story (actually – get daily updates from our very professional lab team so they make it easy) and add pics once our lab Is again up and running. 


Our California based training rooms are moving also – closer into all the restaurants, hotels, activities in downtown Sunnyvale.  So will be a very fun place to attend classes and/or your JNCIE exams. 


Please note our new address:

324 N. Mary Ave.

Sunnyvale CA  94089