My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
Juniper Networks Protects the Value of the JNCIA/JNCIS/JNCIP/JNCIE Technical Certification
Aug 6, 2012

This year - as in past years - I presented on exam security at the annual Association of Test Publishers. Exam security is a passion of mine as it is so critical to the integrity and value of a certification program. Many of our candidates and stakeholders say the same thing. Those of you who have worked so hard to achieve certification do not want to see others "short cut" their way to certification, negatively impacting the value of the certification you carry.

At Juniper Networks we recognize the investments you all made to acquire your Juniper Networks certification. We protect this investment with a comprehensive and robust exam security program. I like to call it our “piece of the PIE” (Protect, Investigate, Enforce)!


Juniper has comprehensive exam security policies and procedures, along with a strong Candidate Agreement. These are available on the JNCP website and provide detailed information on what Juniper defines as exam fraud as well as the actions we take when violations are identified. A critical part of these policies is the JNCP Candidate Agreement  that all exam takers must agree to before taking a Juniper exam. I encourage all to read this agreement as it provides information on how we investigate report and enforce against exam fraud.

We build fraud detection techniques into all Juniper exams. Juniper exams are uniquely built to identify when a test taker has had prior access to the actual exam questions/answers and does not truly understand the exam content (therefore should not be certified).  This is critical as there are hundreds of websites making lots of money charging exam takers for "actual" questions or "practice tests". Our certification process assumes the exam taker has not seen the exact questions/answers when preparing and has not had assistance during the exam. Therefore, prior access to the exam questions/answers does, by definition, invalidate an exam attempt. It is important to note that the exam taker does not have to be aware that they have seen the actual questions. Intent is not required for exam results to be invalid. So please be very careful where you get your exam prep materials from!  The best place to get exam prep materials is from authorized Juniper training – via Juniper directly or our authorized education partners.  Other resources are listed on our JNCP Resources web site, which is continuously updated.


A third party exam security firm, Caveon Test Security, performs a monthly security analysis of all Juniper exam results. This analysis identifies exam security violations for both testing centers as well as individual exam takers. 


 We conduct a regular web search for copy right infringement. We do regular web searches to identify where exam content is being offered – either free or for a cost. Take down notices are sent to the 1) web service provider, 2) payment processor and 3) owner of the content. This is a bit of a “whack-a-mole” process as these sites are always popping up. However, the objective is to be vigilant and make sure these sites know Juniper is serious about pursuing those that violate our copyrights.


When exam security violations by individuals are identified we take action. Candidates who pass an exam by using the actual exam questions/answers to prepare have not shown the required knowledge and skills to be Juniper Networks certified. These individuals misrepresent themselves as knowledgeable about Juniper technologies and solutions. They can be harmful to their employers/customers. When we identify such individuals we will revoke their exam results, and any associated certifications. If a “first offense” we allow them to retest. Individuals who do this on a regular basis are banned from the JNCP.

When testing centers are identified as security risks we take action. Testing center violations include, but are not limited to, stealing exam content, providing candidates “assistance” before and/or during the testing process, and allowing “proxy test takers” to take an exam for someone else. Juniper has a zero tolerance policy related to testing center exam security violations. Any testing center identified with an exam security incident is removed from Juniper testing. Our recent move to Pearson VUE as exclusive test delivery partner was done, in part, for this reason.  Pearson VUE has a high quality channel, robust security policies and technologies and a secure testing application.


As you can see, we at Juniper are PASSIONATE about protecting and promoting the value of the Juniper Networks certification you work so hard to achieve and maintain!!! You do not want to get an email from me with subject line “Exam Security Incident with Your Juniper Networks Exam” so be careful where you go for exam prep materials.  The Juniper Networks Certification Program web page is the best place to start when preparing for your certification exam!

Aug 24, 2012

So what's about fee for exam? Is it charged back if you or this 3'rd patry company says that someone was cheating on exam? How you want to prove that this situation really happened?

Jun 17, 2013

Deat Tokyusho,


Our processes are designed to be accurate within 1 in 1 million chance of a false positive.  Therefore, we do not provide vouchers for retakes in this situation.

Apr 27, 2015

Are re-take exam questions more hard and manipulated? 

Sep 12, 2017
Deen Jhon

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