My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
My Juniper experience towards the JNCDA
Sep 4, 2015

Network design has been my career endeavor since I first started learning about Internetworking. I started out learning Cisco as many IT Network Engineers do. Cisco offered ample learning paths for a young Engineer. After about 3 years into my career as a Network Engineer I came across a project to install one of Junipers high-end firewalls, an SRX5600. I knew of Juniper but knew nothing about their learning path or what they had to offer but in the project I was handed I had to dive into an unfamiliar world.

I was intrigued by the amount of knowledge base Juniper had to offer. The training and reading materials for Juniper were so much easier to comprehend. I started down the security certification tract then the routing and switching tract. I was consumed by Junos.

The fizzle of Juniper technologies and methodology started to subside two years later as I needed to strengthen my knowledge about Network Design and best practices. There was nothing they offered in the design arena. I started back to Cisco and their design ideology.  I needed to know what the Industry was looking for in the business aspect and how that all tied into all the technical knowhow I had consumed the years prior.

After pursuing Cisco network Design certifications and studying for a few years about network design, I was bored. I accomplished all the certifications I could obtain for Network Design short of the CCDE.

Then something renewed my interest. Juniper announced they were starting their own Design certification and training section. I was ecstatic so I scheduled for the JNCDA test. It was challenging but rewarding when I passed. It validated that I really knew more about design than I thought.  I know Juniper will be able to relay the design methodologies and purposes behind every design model in their new tract. They have done such a great job with all their other training materials so far that this should be just as stimulating.

I appreciate what Juniper has done. They have given the Networking Industry what we have been waiting for, a way to certify our knowledge in Juniper Design Methodology.

Brady Bell

Sep 4, 2015
Joe Galimi

I would recommend the CCDE Smiley Happy