My Certification Journey
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My Certification Journey
Students from Hogeschool Utrecht choose Juniper Certification instead of Holidays!
Jul 7, 2015

Summer holidays for 120 students from Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands and visiting students from Lillebaelt Academy of Higher Education in Denmark took off with a Juniper Academic Bootcamp! (Delivered by Juniper Networks and hosted by Hogeschool Utrecht). Not only was this the first time a Juniper Academic Bootcamp has been hosted in The Netherlands, it was also the largest EMEA event of this type to date, as well as the first event with joint collaboration between multiple Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) partners.


Designed for networking, engineering and computer science students with intermediate knowledge of networking, content from Juniper’s Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) and Junos Routing Essentials (JRE) courses were delivered which provided students with an understanding of the Junos operating system, networking fundamentals and basic routing and switching techniques. The final day of the event provided students with the opportunity to take the JNCIA-Junos certification.


Even though Juniper Networks Education Services does not normally provide certification pass rates, we are delighted to advise that the pass rate for the event was in excess of 55 percent.  This is a remarkable achievement for a student audience without the advantage of on-the-job experience.  This is a testament to the quality of training and lab experience that students received which enabled such a high volume of students to pass an exam which is challenging to experienced industry professionals.


We would like to extend our congratulations to all the students who passed their JNCIA exam and welcome them to the Juniper certified community!


Juniper Academic Bootcamp - Hogeschool Utrecht (Group Photo)


The event was also visited by Juniper partners who helped bridging the gap between industry and academia and provided students with valuable insight into both industry trends and skills sought by prospective employers. Students had the opportunity to engage with Juniper partners who hosted a Q&A session. These partner visits, as part of the overall Juniper Academic Bootcamp format, have proven both valuable and extremely popular with both students and partners. In previous events, these visits have resulted in partners recruiting students they have met directly as a result of the event.


In addition to providing students with valuable Junos technical skills, the Juniper Academic Bootcamps also provide a growing pipeline of Juniper skills entering the market which can be leveraged by both Juniper partners and customers.


“The Netherlands needs good technicians. Technicians who not only understand the theory, but can also put this into practice. By offering this extracurricular program the Hogeschool Utrecht wants to make our students become acquainted with the working field to reduce the gap with the labor market. The developments in the IT world are fast and as a university we have to be able to respond to that,” said Kees Uiterwijk, IT teacher at Hogeschool Utrecht and coordinator of the event.


Rick Mur, senior systems engineer at Juniper Networks said: “Juniper Networks is passionate about stimulating the technical IT labour market.  A Juniper academic bootcamp helps students acquire relevant industry skills and gain a greater understanding of the networking challenges they will face in the real world.  Juniper provides students with the same training provided to customers/partners which ensures that students receive the same real-world hands-on experience.  The JNCIA-Junos certification also provides students with a valuable differentiator in a competitive employment landscape.   Juniper is fully supportive of initiatives to inject an increase of Juniper skills into the market to help meet industry demand.”


Students from Hogeschool Utrecht had the following to say:


"The JNCIA-Junos was a really useful course in order to get basic knowledge of the Junos products and its functions. Also I got familiar with the basics of the command line interface (CLI). The Q&A sessions gave me insight into the way companies make use of Juniper products. The course itself was very well structured and organized. This event was very enjoyable."

Coen Schuijt - System and Network Engineering at Hogeschool Utrecht, Year 2


“The JNCIA-Junos course gave me great insight to Juniper´s way of working. There was a good variation between the theoretical and practical lessons. The people from Juniper were very friendly and clearly spoken. If they come to Hogeschool Utrecht next year, I will definitely sign up!”

Nick Offerman - System and Network Engineering at Hogeschool Utrecht, Year-2


In summary, Juniper Networks is delighted with the success of the event and overwhelming positive response from students. Juniper Networks looks forward to growing its academic alliance initiatives in The Netherlands and growing a pipeline of much needed Juniper skills entering the market.


For further information about the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance program or Juniper Education Services please contact: