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The Open University joins the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) Program!

The Open University joins the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) Program!

ThOpen University2.pnge Open University will greatly improve student employment opportunities by joining the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) Program which will increase the much sought after pipeline of Juniper skills entering the market!


Juniper Employee
Juniper Partners Lead the Way in Addressing the Skills Shortage!

Juniper Partners Lead the Way in Addressing the Skills Shortage!

2015-09-22 15.18.12_v5.jpgThe Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) program has a primary objective of supporting both partners and customers in addressing the skills shortage. As part of this initiative, the JNAA program seeks to directly bring together industry and academia with a view to exploring pioneering initiatives to both address industry’s skill shortage and to provide students with enriched internship opportunities. The JNAA program was readily able to identify that Hardware Group and Lillebaelt Academy were both very progressive in their thinking and would have a number of synergies and alignments and as such Juniper welcomed the opportunity to introduce Hardware Group and Lillebaelt Academy….and as they say “The Rest is History”!



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Cairo University students kick-off the new term with a Juniper Networks Academic Bootcamp!

Cairo University students kick-off the new term with a Juniper Networks Academic Bootcamp!

For approximately 70 students from Cairo University the new academic year kicked-off with a Juniper Academic Bootcamp! (Delivered by Juniper Networks and hosted by Cairo University). Cairo University is a new Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) partner the Juniper Academic Bootcamp event provided great platform to launch the new academic alliance relationship between Cairo University and Juniper Networks.


Designed for students with a basic knowledge of networking, content from Juniper’s Networking Fundamentals, Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) and Junos Routing Essentials (JRE) courses were delivered which provided students with an understanding of the Junos operating system, networking fundamentals and basic routing and switching techniques. Students were also provided with a free voucher in order to undertake the JNCIA-Junos certification exam.




The event was also visited by Juniper partners who helped bridging the gap between industry and academia and provided students with valuable insight into both industry trends and skills sought by prospective employers. Students had the opportunity to engage with Juniper partners who hosted a Q&A session. These partner visits, as part of the overall Juniper Academic Bootcamp format, have proven both valuable and extremely popular with both students and partners. In previous events, these visits have resulted in partners recruiting students they have met directly as a result of the event.


In addition to providing students with valuable Junos technical skills, the Juniper Academic Bootcamps also provide a growing pipeline of Juniper skills entering the market which can be leveraged by both Juniper partners and customers. This is of particular value to the Egyptian market which is currently experiencing a severe shortage of Juniper skills.

Dr Ahmed Khattab, Assistant Professor, EECE Department at Cairo University had the following to say: “The Egyptian telecom market currently needs good networking engineering and Cairo University prides itself on being responsive to industry requirements.  Cairo University’s academic alliance partnership with Juniper Networks has allowed Cairo University to not only add technical value to the student learning experience by offering an extracurricular Juniper Academic Bootcamp but also support local industry by providing an injection of much needed Juniper skills into the local market going forward.  For our students, the acquisition of Juniper skills also greater expands and improves students’ employment opportunities.  Cairo University continually explores opportunities to align with industry and ensure that its students receive the best education possible with an industry relevant experience and a health balance between theoretical and practical skills.  Joining the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance program has allowed Cairo University to further meet these objectives”


Mohamed Abdelrahman, senior commercial account manager at Juniper Networks said: "In the last two years Juniper Middle-East in general and specifically Juniper Egypt market share has been dramatically increased. This has led to an increase in the demand for qualified Juniper resources. The fact that current numbers of qualified Juniper resources compared to the market share is extremely low gave us the motive to partner with Cairo University to produce increased numbers of qualified Juniper resources entering the local market. It is a real win-win situation as Cairo University gains new initiatives to complement their curriculum, students gain the opportunity to become Juniper certified which greatly improves their employment options and the local market gains much sought after and need Juniper skills” 


Juniper Networks is extremely pleased with the success of the event and the positive response from students. Juniper Networks looks forward to growing its academic alliance initiatives in Egypt and developing a pipeline of much needed Juniper skills entering the local market.


For further information about the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance program please contact: or

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JNCDA exam and my dream job

JNCDA exam and my dream job

My name is Bela, I work for the Hungarian Juniper Elite partner as an IP engineer.


My responsibilities are to consult with customers (mainly ISPs) about their network development plans, and provide proper Juniper based solutions for their expectations.


Usually we have to validate the designed solution in our lab by doing PoC tests as well.

When the business is done then I participate in the integration phase as well, and later in the support of the deployed solution.


I can say that I cover the whole lifecycle of a solution, what can be split into three phases:

  • design
  • implementation
  • support


Until now the Juniper certification tracks have covered the second and third phase, therefore I have completed the JNCIP-SP and JNCSP-SP certifications. Now the first missing puzzle piece has appeared by releasing the associate level exam of the new track, so I have completed it to cover this missing part.


My employer would be a Professional Service Partner of Juniper Networks, therefore also important to fulfil the related design track requirements as well.


My final goal to get the highest certification levels on SP and design track by doing JNCIE-SP and JNCDP WAN exams to have a full set of certifications what can be reachable on Service Provider and WAN track.


I hope that these certifications help me to join to Juniper Network’s Professional Services or Advanced Services team in EMEA region what would be my dream job.  🙂



My Juniper experience towards the JNCDA

My Juniper experience towards the JNCDA

Network design has been my career endeavor since I first started learning about Internetworking. I started out learning Cisco as many IT Network Engineers do. Cisco offered ample learning paths for a young Engineer. After about 3 years into my career as a Network Engineer I came across a project to install one of Junipers high-end firewalls, an SRX5600. I knew of Juniper but knew nothing about their learning path or what they had to offer but in the project I was handed I had to dive into an unfamiliar world.

I was intrigued by the amount of knowledge base Juniper had to offer. The training and reading materials for Juniper were so much easier to comprehend. I started down the security certification tract then the routing and switching tract. I was consumed by Junos.

The fizzle of Juniper technologies and methodology started to subside two years later as I needed to strengthen my knowledge about Network Design and best practices. There was nothing they offered in the design arena. I started back to Cisco and their design ideology.  I needed to know what the Industry was looking for in the business aspect and how that all tied into all the technical knowhow I had consumed the years prior.

After pursuing Cisco network Design certifications and studying for a few years about network design, I was bored. I accomplished all the certifications I could obtain for Network Design short of the CCDE.

Then something renewed my interest. Juniper announced they were starting their own Design certification and training section. I was ecstatic so I scheduled for the JNCDA test. It was challenging but rewarding when I passed. It validated that I really knew more about design than I thought.  I know Juniper will be able to relay the design methodologies and purposes behind every design model in their new tract. They have done such a great job with all their other training materials so far that this should be just as stimulating.

I appreciate what Juniper has done. They have given the Networking Industry what we have been waiting for, a way to certify our knowledge in Juniper Design Methodology.

Brady Bell

Juniper Networks Certified Network Design Associate (JNCDA) journey

Juniper Networks Certified Network Design Associate (JNCDA) journey

My name is Maciej (“Magic”) Kozlowski and I work as Tier 3 WLAN Engineer in ATOS. I cover wireless LAN support for one of our biggest clients: SIEMENS for the whole EMEA region. Previously – for over 5 years – I have worked for: Nokia Siemens Networks/NOKIA on several positions in their network IT department – where I first touched Juniper equipment and I immediately fell in love with it :-).


As soon as I noticed Juniper released their new Design Certification track as well as the Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate (JNCDA) exam I decided to take it just to check and confirm my knowledge about designing networks according to Juniper. Before starting any preparations I took the Practice Test Exam to measure level of my initial knowledge. I got 75% (passing score). Well done Maciek!

Since I was not able to participate any official course available only in Netherlands (for EMEA region) for now nor I can’t afford to buy official course materials from Juniper (Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals, Revision 15.a) I decided to:

  • carefully review exam objectives:,
  • quickly review these Juniper Networks Academy courses: Campus & Data Center Design Specialist Courses (available only for Juniper’s Partners),
  • quickly review selected solution designs and architecture documents for: Campus, WAN and Data Center parts of the network.

After quick all the material review I approached this exam in my local Prometric Examination Center (I consider myself quite lucky since I don’t have to travel much to take any certification exam) … and I passed. Without violating NDA I can say:

  • I got 80% corrected answers – which is a better score then for Practice Test,
  • exam difficulty is on the same level or a little bit harder than available Practice Test,
  • I feel like my work experience and general exposure to Juniper technologies helped me more to successfully pass this exam than doing this two week refresh and exam preparation.

According to my knowledge I am the first ATOS employee who achieved this certification so far.


For next steps I am just waiting for JNCIS- and JNCIP- courses and exams for: Data Center and Security from Design Certification Track. I am also using this certificate as a leverage to be involved more in design projects related to: Campus LAN and Data Center and also to find more opportunities to work as Pre-Sales Engineer and help to offer more solutions to our customers where Juniper hardware will be involved.

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