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CPE: From Customer Premises Equipment to Cloud Powered Experience
Sep 30, 2012

This is a guest blog post by Nicolas Fischbach, Director, Network & Platform Strategy and Architecture, Colt - nico@colt.net // @niCRO


Historically most Service Providers, especially for their business offerings, have been installing multiple devices on customer premises to deliver Internet access or IPVPN services over diverse WAN transport technologies. Beyond the higher unit cost and more complex service delivery and assurance, this additional CPE router also constrained customer services.


Colt Technology Services has partnered with Juniper to deliver an industry game-changer: virtual CPEs.


With Ethernet becoming the universal transport method in the WAN and thanks to high-performance integrated Carrier Ethernet/IP devices like the Juniper MX it is now possible to deliver IP capabilities from the network turning the Provider Edge into the Service Edge. Virtual IP CPEs will allow for more dynamic bandwidth management, in-life change of service characteristics and more rapid introduction of new features enabling dynamic hybrid networking and network simplification.


But that’s only the first step in Colt’s Network Layer Integration strategy. Going forward vCPEs will evolve into cloud-based virtual CPEs: leveraging virtualized infrastructure cCPEs - a software instance in the cloud - will deliver more advanced routing, security and application-level services and facilitate scaling. Doing this in software will also open the door to more advanced Network Programmability.


In the same way that the advent of cloud and consumerization services drove major evolutions in the industry, virtual CPE'swill also spark an important change in SP’s operating models and innovation in commercial service wraps. I believe that these building blocks are critical in delivering a next-generation, integrated, flexible and cost-effective compute and network experience to our customers.




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