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Discover New Economics with Universal Edge
Oct 10, 2012

A few years ago, I attended a lecture by a Nobel Prize economist, who was teaching at Stanford University.  As he talked about how fluctuations of the stock market can be modeled by a process called Brownian motion, I made the connection that economics was also tied to networking.  To me, networking is all about economics because network designs, technology decisions, operational processes, etc. are all about maximizing network resources to drive key business objectives.  It is intriguing to consider how a chipset, a software design, a new platform, a network architecture, or a new concept could change network economics and in some cases lead to industry transformations.  


Juniper has always been about delivering leading network economics.  We develop custom-built silicon optimized for networking, we pioneered modular operating system for the networking industry with Junos, and we have systems like the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers which deliver incredible network economics leveraging our silicon, software, and services in a single platform to deliver consumer and business edge services. 


With thousands of customers leveraging the MX Series, we announced today the new MX 2000 Series 3D Universal Edge Routers which deliver industry leading capacity, scalability, and services.  Leveraging Juniper’s new portfolio of MX platforms and services, we partnered with Stanford-affiliated Foresight Valuation Group to build a 5 year economic model with ARPU/revenue, total cost of ownership, and payback period for new services that bundle TV Everywhere with broadband or managed private cloud services delivered via business VPNs.   The results show that the new MX 2020 provides stronger economics due to higher scale, richer services, and lower power consumption.  The studies are done with thorough research based on industry information, financial reports, government data, and analyst sources.


The new MX 2000 Series offers innovations that will continue to build on our Universal Edge portfolio with advanced virtualization, integrated L4-7 services, programmability, and industry leading scale to drive the economics and experience of networking that defines Juniper’s New Network.