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Does Your Network Have a Dating Profile?
May 21, 2014

Work on a network long enough and you’ll soon witness it take on a life of its own. Networks develop a personality that you either fall in love with or….


At Cisco Live 2014 in San Francisco, we sent reporter David Spark to ask attendees, “If you were going to create a dating profile for your network, how would you describe its personality?”


Attendees had absolutely no problem answering the question. Unfortunately for Cisco, many of the respondents think their networks are “angry,” “needing help” or “confused.” It appears network engineers are so intimately close to their network that they may have seriously contemplated putting their networks on a dating site. Heck, if their network could find some companionship maybe they wouldn’t be so high maintenance and would stop sending them alerts at three in the morning.


Watch the video and let us know your network’s personality in the comments. Maybe we can make a love connection.


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