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Gaining Ground in the Switching Race
Mar 7, 2014

Gaining Ground in the Switching Race


There’s a well-known saying that goes, “[insert topic] is a marathon, not a sprint”.  In this case, the topic is less relevant than the message – and that is, the importance of setting a long-term goal, and sticking to it. 


This is certainly true in business.  In any dynamic environment, there will be ups and downs, external forces you cannot control, and new influences.  There will be temptation to react quickly and make “knee jerk” changes.  But if your strategy is sound – that is, grounded in data, has historical precedent, and backed with good old-fashioned gut feel, more often than not; it’s better to stay the course. 


Now is a great time to look back at the strategy we had set forth within the Campus and Data center Business Unit (CDBU).  In August of 2012,  we made the decision to streamline our organization to be more agile and simplify our product portfolio to better meet the needs of our customers.  And in that short amount of time, we’ve been sticking to our plan and executing to meet customer requirements:


  • We launched the EX9200 – the industry’s first programmable switch
  • We developed the QFX5100 – the gold standard for TOR switches, and the universal building block for data center switching architectures
  • We introduced Network Director – game changing network management for wired and wireless, physical and virtual convergence form a single pane of glass
  • We further simplified our switching with the Virtual Chassis Fabric architecture
  • We continued to build deep relationships with key data center ecosystem partners for compute, storage, virtualization, orchestration and others
  • And we introduced MetaFabric - the next-generation architecture to re-define intra- and inter- data center connectivity and set a new bar for greater agility and investment protection


The list goes on.  It’s clear that this hard work has paid off.   Last week, Dell’ Oro  released their quarterly and annual (Q4’13 and overall 2013) market share report for Ethernet switching and Juniper has made some big strides.  Overall, we are #3 in the market with 3.3%, but a closer look at the numbers reveals some key highlights:


  • In the high growth 10G TOR port market, Juniper grew 6x faster than the overall and gained more share points than any other vendor
  • Our 10G TOR port count grew 67% Q/Q and 267% Y/Y
  • Our 10G TOR port market share grew +2 points Q/Q and +3.5 points Y/Y
  • And Juniper grew to the #2 position for revenue share in fast growing 10G TOR segment


I am both excited and proud of the teams accomplishments over the past 20 months. I also want to thank our customers for continuing to believe in our strategy and ability to execute. There is still work to be done and a long way to go, it is a marathon, not a sprint.


Until the next mile marker.