Is it Tough Enough? Juniper’s LN2600 Takes Rugged to a New Extreme
Jul 30, 2013

As the number of connected devices is on pace to exceed 30 billion by 2020, more and more of these devices are extending the network into harsher environments.


This trend is being largely driven by machine-to-machine communication, where devices capture data—say flow rate on an oil pipeline or temperature in a mine —and relay that information over a network to an application, translating it into something meaningful. Smart grids, for example, use this information gathering and communication technology to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics and sustainability of electrical production and distribution.


Utilities, telecommunication cell sites, industrial manufacturing facilities and transportation hubs play host to particularly harsh network environments where dust, heavy vibration, moisture and extreme temperatures are often the norm.  Needless to say, these environments pose a significant challenge to traditional networking equipment designed to work in less formidable conditions. That is, until now.


Juniper Networks’ new LN2600 Rugged Secure Router is an all-in-one platform designed to operate in the harshest environments. Combining feature-rich routing, switching and security in a single platform, the environmentally hardened LN2600 contains no vents or other openings, making it dust tight and splash resistant. It has no moving parts and is ideally-suited for locations where maintenance options are limited. And it’s based on the Junos OS, which means the LN2600 is also easy to deploy, operate and manage. 



LN2600 Rugged Secure Router

Juniper Networks LN2600 Rugged Secure Router



The LN2600 is ideal for connecting remote telemetry units, surveillance cameras, programmable logic controllers and other intelligent devices to relay information and deliver new business capabilities. It’s the networking device of the future, available today.


And if you need any further evidence that the LN2600 is as tough as we say, check out how it compares to one of the most rugged animals on earth – the fearless and ferocious honey badger.


Juniper LN2600 vs. The Honey Badger




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