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Juniper Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Ankeena Network
Apr 8, 2010

Earlier today, Juniper announced a definitive agreement to acquire Santa Clara, CA-based Ankeena Networks, a leading provider of new content delivery and media infrastructure solutions.  Ankeena offers solutions that deliver television-like viewing experiences of online content at massive scale.  We’re looking forward to welcoming the 65 employees of Ankeena to the Juniper family, where they will become part of the Junos Ready Software group.  Ankeena’s CEO, Rajan Raghavan, will report to me as Vice President and General Manager of the newly created Content and Media Business Unit (CMBU), while Prabakar Sundarrajan, Ankeena’s CTO, who will become Chief Strategy Officer of CMBU, reporting to Rajan.


Those that follow Juniper closely should recognize the Ankeena name.  They are a key contributor to our “Project Falcon” initiative.  In October 2009, we announced a partnership to help extend and optimize their networks for online media delivery, providing access to Junos Ready Software to facilitate the close integration of Ankeena technology with Junos. In addition, at Mobile World Congress 2010, we introduced the Juniper Media Flow, leveraging Ankeena’s Media Flow 2.0, to help mobile operators reduce transit traffic and costs while providing a TV-like viewing experience for rich media content. 


The time is now for networking companies to offer solutions that help service providers prioritize and deliver media solutions. Online video viewership has increased significantly over the past year, with Nielsen reporting 138 million unique viewers in the U.S. alone, which represents a 16 percent increase from the same period the previous year.  The growth in total streams is even greater, increasing 26 percent year-over-year to a total of 11.2 billion streams.  In addition, Coda Research Consultancy forecasts that U.S. mobile handset data traffic will reach 327 petabytes a month in 2010. Mobile video will account for the lion share of that traffic. 


Juniper’s approach to networking embraces offering open, highly secure and scalable solutions that transform the economics of service providers.  The acquisition of Ankeena makes our product portfolio highly competitive in existing and future CDN build outs and 3 Screen solutions.  This will allow us to work closely with our Top 100 Global Service Provider customers to deliver simple, scalable new media solutions without introducing additional complexity to their networks.


We’ve got great things in store for the combined Juniper/Ankeena, and we look forward to accelerating the pace of innovation for video delivery of all types.

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