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Juniper Networks JunosV App Engine
Oct 10, 2012

Juniper sees a mega inflection point for service providers in the next decade. According to Gartner and IDC, at least 50B devices will connect to wireless networks by the year 2020. Over $100B will be spent on public IT cloud services by 2016. And by 2015, over 60% of the broadband traffic will be streaming audio and video. To enable the service providers meet the growing demands on their network, Juniper has developed a solution to do more with less. We bring the simplicity of an e-reader to the network by creating a virtualization platform for routers to host network and traffic control services. Today Juniper announced JunosV™ App Engine.


JunosV App Engine is an innovative virtualization platform that allows users to run network and traffic control services on Juniper systems. Service providers can now accelerate time to market for new services, by rapidly deploying and managing a variety of Juniper and 3rd party applications, without porting to Junos®. The network architecture is now redefined to a single Junos OS device with a virtual plane, where:


  • Multiple physical appliances collapse into a virtual machine cluster, reducing costs and simplifying device management and scaling of network applications
  • Multiple operating systems run their value-added network applications, without any porting allowing faster time to market

With Junos SDK and JunosV App Engine APIs, network operators can program their network to efficiently utilize resources. This solution addresses some of the most difficult challenges service providers face today and sets them up for success to meet the trends in cloud and mobile.


Naturally, we have many customers and partners implementing the solution to address their business challenges. I have invited one of our partners, SevOne, to discuss how they benefit from JunosV App Engine. Brian Harvell, VP of Engineering at SevOne shares his thoughts about it below.













With the explosive growth of IT, and research that predicts 3 billion more people will access the internet in the next 8 years, IT organizations need to become more agile, and be able to scale to meet new demands from their users.


SevOne & Juniper Networks JunosV App Engine help our joint customers ensure business continuity and solve problems faster.


SevOne has been helping some of the world’s largest and most complex IT organizations ensure business uptime by providing instant visibility across vast amounts of IT performance data, and proactively detecting issues, before end users are impacted. The way we are able to scale larger than anything else on the market, is via our unique SevOne Cluster Technology, which consists of our Peer-to-Peer appliances. These appliances monitor different parts of the network and work together to share computing resources, data storage, and collection processes, and provide reports in seconds, when traditional solutions not only cannot scale, but typically take 15 minutes or more to generate the reports. At one service provider customer, what SevOne can do for them in 1 second was taking them 6.3 hours with legacy solutions. These organizations demand instant and immediate visibility.


Our systems have traditionally been deployed as physical or virtual appliances on VM servers. But working with Juniper, we are now able to run on the JunosV App Engine, as part of and within the fabric of the network. Our joint customers now have the flexibility to deploy SevOne appliances physically, virtually running on servers, and/or now as virtual appliances running on JunosV App Engine.  And the SevOne Cluster technology allows them to choose a combination of any of the three types of deployments, giving them ultimiate flexibility.


Our mutual customer will also benefit from SevOne’s in-depth analysis of Juniper devices, providing instant access to real-time performance reports and proactive detection of anomalies and deviations from normal behavior across multi-technology environments.


You can download and use to SevOne software free, for up to 1,000 elements here (www.sevone.com/download).