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Juniper Ships Open, Simple, Agile Contrail Controller
Sep 16, 2013

I am really pleased to share with you several exciting announcements regarding significant progress on Juniper’s SDN strategy.  We outlined our strategy in January of this year at our partner conference and we’ve been hard at work executing on this since then.


Here are the highlights of what we announced today:

  • Juniper Networks Contrail Controller: Today we announced general availability of Juniper’s Contrail controller, a standards-based, highly scalable network virtualization and intelligence solution for software-defined networks that enables seamless integration between physical and virtual networks for both service providers and enterprises.  Contrail solves the network virtualization challenges faced by customers who are implementing private or public clouds within their datacenter using Open Stack or Cloud Stack.  It also fits the bill for service providers who seek further agility by applying Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions to move network services into a virtualized x86 environment.

    I am really proud of what the Contrail team has accomplished.  In a very short time, they have engaged with roughly 40 customers across the world and have built the best solution in the industry to meet their network virtualization challenges.

    If you have watched closely, you might remember that in January, I initially committed delivery of the Contrail Controller in 2014.  In May, I revised that to H2 2013.  Now here we are on September 16, releasing this into production.  In my 30+ years of software development experience, I have revised dates many times.  But I’ve never twice pulled in a date.  Again, this speaks to the quality and hard work from the Contrail team together with the great feedback and close engagement with our customers.


  • The SDN Technology Partnership Program: Juniper isn’t doing this alone.We are working together with over 20 partners across the industry to solve the broader challenges customers face as they build an Open Stack or Cloud Stack solution.  This includes a broad set of providers of OpenStack and CloudStack distributions, as well as vendors who provide services that plug into these environments.


  • Joint IBM/Juniper Solution: We’re really excited to announce a partnership with IBM that integrates Contrail with IBM’s SmartCloud Orchestrator, allowing customers to deploy and manage highly scalable cloud infrastructures with the ability to rapidly provision services across virtualized compute, storage and network resources.  IBM brings a wealth of datacenter infrastructure experience to the modern cloud environment and we’re really pleased that they are including the Contrail Controller as a part of their SmartCloud Orchestrator solution.  Of course, they can also provide customers with a complete solution including hardware professional services.


  • OpenContrail:  As we worked with customers on the beta test of Contrail, we heard again and again that Contrail is exactly what they needed to solve the network virtualization and NFV challenges they faced.  But they also gave us feedback that OpenStack and CloudStack are open source solutions and it made sense to them that network virtualization within these solutions should also be available as open source.  So I’m pleased that today we are also releasing ALL of the source code within our commercial Contrail product in open source.  We are releasing this using a permissive, highly standard Apache 2 license and we look forward to working with a broader community of developers as this new open source project moves forward.


This is a lot to announce all at once and we’re very excited about all of today’s news.  Contrail is the solution the industry needs to solve network virtualization problems as they implement cloud-based solutions. For those of you that would like to better understand the Contrail technology, click here


These are exciting times indeed!  We really look forward to working with our customers, partners, and the broad developer community as we all work together to deploy network virtualization within OpenStack and CloudStack solutions.  It’s time - let’s go!


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