, Chief Executive Officer
Making the R&D Pivot towards a Cloud Builder and High-IQ Networking Strategy
Jul 22, 2014

As a technologist, what motivates me most is working with exceptionally talented teams to solve the most difficult and meaningful problems facing the networking industry. At Juniper, our mission is all about solving such problems by innovating and building great products across security, switching, and routing.  


With the tectonic shifts affecting our industry, I believe that it is extremely important for us to take a close look across our projects, our activities, and our investments to ensure that we are developing the technologies and the products that are most relevant to the new challenges our customers our facing.  


This is easier said than done. It requires relentless focus on our customers, on innovations that are most relevant to our strategy, and on market segments where we know we can win. And this business rigor often involves making tough decisions about what we will not do as a company.


Increasingly, the challenges our customers are looking to solve require an architectural solution.  For example, when we look at securing the data center or a campus, attempting to do so without a holistic view across switching, compute, storage, management, and orchestration is becoming increasingly difficult. So as important as it is for Juniper to develop the best security, switching, and routing products in the industry, we must also innovate across all of these elements with a deep domain-level understanding of what is required.   


Next-generation networks demand an ensemble of routing, switching, and robust security solutions, seamlessly working together in an open framework. What you can expect from Juniper is our continued commitment to building best-of-breed stand-alone security, routing, and switching products and combining them in validated domain-level solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. 


To execute on this mission, Juniper will have a single leader that will oversee innovation and development across both security and switching under a new organization called the Security, Switching, and Solutions Business Unit (S3BU). S3BU will be run by Jonathan Davidson. As part of this transition, Nawaf Bitar will leave Juniper at the end of August to pursue other career opportunities. I would like to thank Nawaf for his passion and unwavering commitment to Juniper’s security business.


Furthermore, with the goal of relentlessly focusing on our strategy, we have entered into a definitive agreement to sell the Junos Pulse and related SSL VPN and access control gateway products to Siris Capital. Juniper and Siris Capital are developing a comprehensive plan to ensure existing and new customers receive consistent, seamless support.


I believe in our strategy, in our team, and in the tremendous opportunity that lies ahead.