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Network Field Day: Every Suit Should Come With A T-Shirt
Oct 26, 2011

“Every suit should come with a t-shirt” was my favorite tweet from last year’s first Networking Tech Field Day.*




The tweet flew by during a presentation by Peter Lunk, Director of Security Marketing and Oliver Tavakoli, the CTO of Juniper’s Security Business Units. Oliver was wearing what can only be described as a nice t-shirt, and Peter despite wearing the silicon valley marketing guy uniform of a dress shirt and gray slacks was typecast as “the suit.” Peter is a great guy, but the Techfield day crowd was interested what “the t-shirt” had to say and peppering him with questions.

Today, you can check out David Ward at the Openflow Symposium. David is the CTO of Juniper’s Platform Systems Group and most definitely “a t-shirt.” David will be talking about some of the hard networking problems Juniper is helping customers solve with the Openflow plug-in for the JUNOS SDK, along with representatives from Google, Yahoo, Cisco, NEC, and Big Switch.  J-shirt.jpg

On Friday morning, the Tech Field Day bus (wifi-equipped) rolls onto the Juniper campus where we have a solid line up of t-shirts, only a few suits (mostly for funding purposes), lots of whiteboard space, and even a buzzword bingo card. Our focus will be mostly on technologies deployed in the datacenter, including the JUNOS Architecture, Virtual Chassis, QFabric, vGW (firewall, IDS, and AV for VMware VMs) 

You can read more about the event and who will be in the audience in the links below. We also welcome our customers, partners, and to join the live stream and the twitter conversation on Friday morning from 8:15 PST until about noon.

Why does Juniper sponsor Tech Field Day?

'You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.' — Mahfouz Naguib.

The customers, partners, and consultants that make up the tech field day delegates are not only out asking great networking questions, they do it publicly. In the public eye they risk ridicule, but more often they gain the collective wisdom of the community. In an era, when all of IT is undergoing massive change, challenging prior assumptions and remembering old battles is a critical part of the innovation process. We have cleaned our whiteboards and plugged in some big iron. We are looking forward to live conversations this week and then continued debate and learning until the next time.


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Links to event summaries and webcast video:

Packetpusher's Openflow Symposium

Twitter hashtag: OFS11

Networking Field Day

Twitter hashtag: NFD2


NFD2 Buzzword Bingo


*Note: I can't seem to find this tweet, so if it was yours, speak up so I can credit you!

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