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QFabric for the mid-size data center
Jun 11, 2012

Last February Juniper made a promise to simplify networking within the data center. Juniper delivered.  


In fact, we delivered well beyond our promise. We delivered data center changing scale. We delivered industry-leading performance. And we delivered unmatched simplification with a converged network infrastructure. By wiping the slate clean and removing the complexity legacy networks have inflicted, we were able to deliver a game changing approach to data center networking.


Over the past 16 months, our innovative customers have adopted and deployed  a fabric-based network infrastructure for a wide range of use cases; from HPC environments in research and development, to cloud providers implementing infrastructure as a service, to high frequency trading firms looking to close the latency gap, to large enterprises wanting better application performance. Each of these users wanted better performance and a magnitude change in operating manageability. But above all, they wanted network infrastructure that would grow seamlessly with their needs and demands over the next 10 years.


But the first QFabric system was just the start of our journey. Lowering the barrier to entry and extending the simplicity, performance and scalability benefits to our diverse customer data center environments was always our intent - and our promise. Our first model, the QFX3000-G has gained popularity with large enterprises and high-end service providers. 


Today, I’m proud to announce that we’ve released a new addition to the QFabric family, called the QFX3000-M, a system designed specifically for the midsize data center market. IDC defines this market segment as 5,000-20,000 square feet and 50-500 servers. 


The beauty of the “M” configuration is that it’s ideal for satellite data centers, new 10GbE pods and space-constrained data center environments. It’s incredibly fast, delivering three microseconds of latency for standard loads between any two servers in the data center network. That translates to blazingly fast and truly consistent application performance.


Core to the QFabric 3000-M system, Juniper is delivering a new fixed form factor interconnect offering customers investment protection when gradually scaling their data center network. This is particularly important given that 63% of IT managers we recently spoke to have started the migration from 1GbE to 10GbE, and they want a network that will support them on this journey. Although this new QFabric model just hit the price book, we’ve seen tremendous excitement and demand from our customers.


At Juniper, technology innovation that solves real customer problems is at the core of everything we do. We listen to our customers and design solutions that meet their changing needs. The best part of my day is meeting with our engineers and seeing great progress on the amazing things they are working on. Keep an eye on QFabric. We’re just getting warmed up.