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“Renting” Networks On-Demand: It’s a Groundbreaking Shift in the Industry
Oct 3, 2011

I am pleased to announce that today Juniper Networks has a new product available to help you save time and money – both on CAPEX and OPEX costs… it’s Junosphere Lab... an innovative, service to help you design, test, and operate your network infrastructure, all in the cloud.    


As a leader in disruptive innovation, we’ve recognized and solved the age-old problem of never having enough equipment in the lab.  We now give you the ability to rent-on-demand the equipment you need; access it from ANY Internet location, at a scale that was previously unaffordable.  With Junosphere Lab, you can now create new network designs… test new features… and train your new employees… all in the cloud, using the powerful Junos operating system. 


In addition to saving money, you can save time… once your topology is created, it takes only a few minutes to activate it in the cloud.  No more hours of racking, stacking, and cabling.  Want another topology?  That’s just a few more minutes.  And you can share the topologies with colleagues, thus helping the whole department save time.


One example that I thought was particularly powerful was a large service provider customer that wanted to train their new operators.  Their plan was to replicate common topologies and issues in the production network, all in the safety of the virtual space.  They were able to give new employees a way to learn in the real OS environment, with real hands-on commands without endangering the production network.


For more information, please see our press release and check out our partner support from Cariden, Mu Dynamics, Packet Design, Spirent and WANDL. Or visit the Junophere Lab site for collateral and technical publication information.


Thanks again to some of our early adopters mentioned in our press release – NTT Communications and France Telecom – these companies see the advantages of Junosphere Lab and we are thrilled with their leadership in this new area.