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The 7 Myths of SDN
Jan 10, 2013

There has been a lot of buzz this past year on the concept of software-defined networking (SDN). Many promises have been made, a few notable acquisitions have been executed and innumerable predictions have been posited about how SDN will change networking. 


The reality is that SDN holds exceptional promise.


Yet, what seems odd about the discussions to-date is that although the pontification has been long on “the potential” for SDN, it has been very short on specifics. 


What are the business issues that drive the interest in SDN? What really matters to the customer?  What are the essential elements that define SDN? And perhaps most importantly, how do you get from here to there?


We haven’t seen answers to these questions. Instead, the rhetoric has been all over the map.   Confusion has run rampant and collective beliefs are confused with reality.


At Juniper, we’ve watched this closely and summarize these collective beliefs in what we call the “The 7 Myths of SDN”:


  1. It’s only about data center networking
  2. It’s only about reducing CAPEX
  3. It’s only about software
  4. It’s only about centralization
  5. It’s only about OpenFlow
  6. It’s going to happen immediately
  7. It’s going to take forever

We’re convinced that SDN will truly transform networking and are unbelievably excited by its potential. 


We’ve worked together with the sharpest minds in the industry – both within and outside of Juniper – to develop more than just a point of view.  We have a plan.  And we want to share that plan with you.


So, we invite you to sign up and tune in to our virtual introduction of Juniper’s SDN strategy on Tuesday, January 15th from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. PT to learn how Juniper will lead the transformation of networking.  Again.