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The Data Center Journey Continues
Oct 29, 2013

Today we announced Juniper Networks® MetaFabric™ Architecture, our next-generation architecture for the data center inclusive of routing, switching, and security.  MetaFabric accelerates the deployment and intelligent delivery of applications within and across multiple sites and clouds.  The MetaFabric architecture is based upon the three pillars of an Open, Simple and Smart network infrastructure.


Our MetaFabric architecture is

  • Open: Interfaces, protocols, platforms, APIs, Junos® network operating system
  • Simple: Network and security that are simple to acquire, to deploy, to use, to integrate and to scale
  • Smart: Network analytics that drive insight and turn raw data into actionable knowledge


Here are the highlights on what we are launching today:

  • The world’s most nimble and highly available top-of-rack (ToR) switch
  • The industry’s only data center router that connects multi-vendor SDN assets for simplifying DCI and enabling the connection of “Islands of SDN”
  • Smart management with the ability to visualize, analyze and control the data center network
  • Extending our Juniper Contrail SDN solution to include ESXi support

A key element of the MetaFabric Architecture is the new QFX5100 family of switches. The QFX5100 is Juniper’s flagship data center access and aggregation fixed switching platform, complementing our existing switching portfolios. The QFX5100ToR.jpgQFX5100 is the foundational 10GE and 40GE switch for future data center architectures. The QFX5100 family delivers the industry’s most advanced availability features to help organizations deliver maximum application uptime, as well as the most comprehensive suite of Layer 2 and Layer 3 features offered in this class of product. Some highlights of this product family  include:

  • Hitless Data Center Operations:As the industry’s only ToR (Top-of-Rack) switch offering Topology-independent In-Service Software Upgrade capabilities (TISSU), the QFX5100 family allows network administrators to perform software upgrades without impacting network performance, network resiliency or application delivery, for high availability and reduced failover times.
  • Flexible Deployment Options:Customers can choose the right architecture for their high performance data center – regardless of the current or future size of their data center. Multiple fabric architecture options enable current and future business needs while retaining complete investment protection. The QFX5100 family supports existing Juniper architectures including Virtual Chassis and QFabric – scaling from two to 128 nodes – as well as new and innovative architectures, such as Virtual Chassis Fabric. Because the QFX5100 utilizes open interfaces, it can support additional fabric architectures, such as Spine Leaf and Layer 3-based fabric designs.
  • Virtual Chassis Fabric: Virtual Chassis Fabric is Juniper’s 1GE/10GE/40GE optimized fabric system for the data center. Virtual Chassis Fabric initially scales to 768 10G ports and has the capability to integrate the QFX5100, QFX3500, and QFX3600 as well as the new 1G EX4300 switches in a low latency fabric, managed as a single switch. This enables seamless migration from 1GE servers to 10GE to 40GE.
  • Advanced Software Capabilities: The QFX5100provides rich Layer 2 and Layer 3 features, including MPLS, BGP Add-Path, and L3VPN. In addition, it supports network overlays powered by various SDN controllers, such as Juniper Contrail, VMware NSX (VxLAN) and Open Daylight. It also supports automation solutions such as Zero-Touch Provisioning, with support for Python, OpenStack, Puppet and Chef.


This is the beginning of the next five years of Juniper in the Data Center. We are going to continue to invest in leading technologies, ecosystem partnerships, and in our products and solutions with a single goal - to help our customers solve their largest business problems.